Tuesday , 16 July 2019

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Free entry to Zabeel Park for Dubai Frame visitors soon

Dubai Frame visitors will enjoy free entry to Zabeel Park soon, Gulf New has learnt.
A senior official said that Dubai Municipality will soon exempt visitors to the recently opened Dubai Frame from buying separate entry tickets to the Zabeel Park.

“This will happen soon,” said Khalid Sultan Hilal Al Suwaidi, director of Leisure Facilities Department at Dubai Municipality.

The move is to encourage more footfall of families and tourists to the Zabeel Park without having to pay an additional Dh5 park entry fee per person.

Adults and children aged above three have to pay Dh50 and Dh20 respectively to visit Dubai Frame, the entry to which is through gate 4 of Zabeel Park.
The official said more than 25,000 people have visited the latest tourist attraction with a 150m-high glass Sky Bridge that opened to public on January 1.
Full capacity
The normal capacity of the Dubai Frame, which features the past, present and future of Dubai and provides a 360-degree view of old and new Dubai, is 1.800 people per day.
However, more than 2,500 people visit it on most of the days, said Al Suwaidi.
He said: We have a trained team which manages the number of visitors in accordance with the Frame’s capacity. When we reach our full capacity, we stop selling tickets for the day and you can’t get tickets for the next day in advance,” he said.
Dubai Frame is open from 10am to 7pm every day.
Once the tickets are sold out for a day, it is announced through the social media channels of Dubai Frame and Dubai Municipality.

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