Sunday , 16 December 2018

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How to survive the cold in Times Square this New Year’s Eve

It’s going to be a frigid fest in Times Square this year.

With temperatures forecast for 11 degrees at midnight in the heart of New York’s New Year’s Eve celebrations, partygoers may have to weather the second-chilliest ball drop on record.

To get you ready for staying warm for the New Year’s bash, USA TODAY got a few tips from the party’s planners, emergency management officials and extreme weather legend Al Roker of NBC’s Today show.

Here’s your guide to staying warm in Times Square this New Year’s Eve:

What should I wear?
Layers, layers, layers.

“Folks should start with a base layer of long underwear of merino wool and then use a number of lighter layers, finishing with a good warm coat,” Roker said.

For your hands, Roker suggests insulated mittens, not gloves. Your fingers will stay warmer when they’re not separated by fabric.

“And warm, insulating socks with a great boot like a Sorel are a must. If your feet get cold, all is lost,” Roker added.

Try not to have any skin exposed to the cold air, said Herman Schaffer, assistant commissioner for community outreach at NYC Emergency Management.

Consider synthetics, too — like Gor-Tex and polypropylene jackets — as well as wind-and water-resistant clothing, the Times Square Alliance, which co-coordinates the New Year’s Eve bash, recommends.

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