Sunday , 18 August 2019

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Indian Election 2014 – Muslims to Wake up & Unite

The results of India 2014 Election have been announced. Lok Sabha has been dissolved by the President. NDA got 336 seats out of 543 and out of 336 BJP bagged 282 seats, a clear majority to form the Government without NDA support. Mr. Modi has been declared as the prime minister who fought the election with the slogan “AB KI BAR MODI SARKER”.

Modi fought the election to form uniform code and remove Shariah Law. NDA got 336 seats and they need around 71 MP support out of 148 MP belonging to no group at present and they are placed as Others. ADMK having 37 seats and TMC having 34 seats can play crucial role in removing Shariah Law. TRS 11, CPM 9, YSR 9 and MUM may not support the move to pass the Bill in the Parliament. All eyes are focused on the big 2 of Others viz ADMK and TMC.

It looks that there is no opposition leader in the parliament. Even Congress did not claim 55 seats, a magic figure to claim as the opposition leader. Rahul Gandhi may have to trust the generosity of the BJP leader to become opposition leader.

Muslims claimed to have more than 20% population in India which means a big sector supported Modi who saw the massacre of Muslims in Gujarat during his regime as the Chief Minister. We don’t even know what is the Charisma which attracted Muslims. We all understand Congress did very bad in the past 5 years under the regime of Dr. Manmohan Singh under the leadership of Sonia Gandhi. Even Rahul Gandhi could have been defeated but won by 1 Lakh votes where has been winning with around 3.5 Lakhs earlier.

Muslims and all Islamic Organizations in India must go deep to find out the reasons for the defeat of their aim. It clearly shows their distance from Quran and Sunnah of Prophet SWAS, has called for this disaster. The following are the few reasons which I could foresee:

1. A clear indication of disunity among Muslims and Islamic Organizations
2. Not following the rules and orders of the creator
3. Keeping away from Quran and Sunnah & Getting divided into sects
5. Following ultra-modernization which are prohibited by Allah SWAT and Prophet SWAS.
6. Forgetting the basic tenets of Islam, not paying Zakat, Charity, not performing 5 times Salah, seeking pretext to observe Saum, getting involved in Riba transaction, not respecting the parents and telling lies and doing “Gibat”
7. Doing Haram activities
8. Acting to the will of the politician without realizing that it is prohibited in Islam.
9. Not believing and following the principles of Islam which promotes peace.
10. Following blindly Western culture to the extent that we don’t have “Haya” and call ourselves as Modern Muslim whereas we know, there is only one Islam where we are bond to follow the orders of Allah SWAT and the Prophet SWAS.
11. Failed to convey the message of Allah to all to become the tools to protect Non-Muslims from the hell fire. We know that Allah made us Khalifa in this world and it is our duty to transpire Allah’s command to all

We all know that Allah has tested Muslims in various parts of the world, Palestine, Egypt, Central Africa, Assam, Syria, Iraq, Russia, China and more…..
We are still suffering.
Is it not the time for Muslim to realize???

Let us wake up and be a true Muslims where join together and follow the ordains of Allah SWAT and sayings of Prophet Mohammed SWAS.

May Allah guide us on the right path-Ameen.

Major Mir Ali (Retired),
Chief Voluntary Admin Muslim World Network