Monday , 27 May 2019

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Int’l Crisis Group warns against Yemen crisis

Saudi Arabia and its regional allies attacked Yemen in March 2015 to bring back to power the deposed president of Yemen Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi.

“Three years into Yemen’s destructive war, a battle is shaping up for the Houthi-held port city of Hodeida, a lifeline for the bulk of Yemen’s population,” Crisis Group reported.

“Forces backed by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are advancing on the port and may soon seek to make a final push.”

The international organization added that “a battle for Hodeida is likely to be prolonged and leave millions of Yemenis without food, fuel and other vital supplies. The fighting will discourage rather than enable a return to the negotiating table.

Yemen will fall even deeper into what is already the world’s worst humanitarian crisis.”

The Crisis Group urged the US not to give a greenlight a Hodeida offensive, to press the UAE to halt the movement of men under its control, and to convince the coalition, along with its Yemeni partners, to participate in UN-led negotiations over control of the port.

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