Monday , 17 December 2018

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Islam and Modernity

Europe faced major transformations in the 18th century because of the modern ideas arising out of Age the Enlightenment. Importance of science, human reasoning and rationality was stressed upon during this time. Europe began to acquire global influence and power, and phase became a turning point in world history. It increased the gap between the scientific skills of some northern and western European countries. It led to the decline of the great Ottoman Empire that faced political, economic and military breakdown by the end of 18th century.Napoleon Bonaparte occupied all provinces of the Ottoman region in 1798, and this move exposed most provinces of theOttomanEmpire to the European Enlightenment ideas and new technology. However, another view of this development is that it actually challenged the authority of Islam and all local Muslimsfelt unfamiliar with these changes and felt alienated as a result of them.