Thursday , 22 August 2019

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Kargill War Anniversary

16 years back
India & Pakistan bother suffered


India is celebrating Kargill War anniversary. Why this war started. Is it Political or for the security of the Country. Indian Army today is not happy & the same thing happens with Pakistan Army. It happened during Nawaz Shareef as the Prime Minister of Pakistan & Bajpai as the PM of India. What promises were made for Kargill war? Has anyone thought of it?

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Why this wars? See what happened to Kashmiris, by Army soldiers of Indian Army. Are they doing on their own. They follow the orders of the politicians. No single soldier can think of killing civilians. It is only on the order of Politicians. Why cant they live in piece? Why not a solution is achieved to live in peace. General Malik (Retired) Army Chief Indian Army during Kargill war spoke about his dis-satisfaction about the Army-Politician relation. Bureaucracy has been blamed for not keeping good relation with Army. Don’t you think that a solution must be achieved for Kashmir issue? We must live in peace. Border disputes & ignoring locals rights are not of any use:



Let the people of India and Pakistan realize that both having love for each other, war is only a politician issue and we can come to some solution definitely.