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img_3073 Kashmir War

Do we exploit human rights crimes on Civillians?

Do we go go with out solution & keep killing thousands of Civillians & Army personnel just to satisfy our political ego?

See the pictures below writing to watch about Indian Army atrocities which has created  question on Human Right Organisation of the Word?

Do we want to remain as barbarous as Chengez Khan & Hilaku?

Let us read what happened in Kashmir since 1947:


How Kashmir was formed in 1947-48?
Are you aware?
Let us know the facts. Maharaja HARI Singh of J&K sailed with India though there were more than 90% Muslims in J&K. He had to approached India when Western Poonch went out of hands & Militia advanced to take over Srinagar. Initially British forces lead by General SCOTT fought, later a treaty was signed between Indian Union & Maharaja Har Singh when India supported Maharaja & held Militia at LOC.

War occurred as Indo-Pak War-1 of 1947 where India held Militia at LOC in Srinagar by saving 3/4 of the State of Maharaja.The seize fire was declare me on 2359 on January 1st 1949. Finally UNO compromised & Security Council through Resolution 39 appointed a commission of 5 Members to go to India & settle Kashmir issue by Plebiscite.

Here are the details so that everyone understands what is right & wrong:-

In January 1948, the Security Council adopted resolution 39 (1948), establishing the United Nations Commission for India and Pakistan (UNCIP) to investigate and mediate the dispute. In April 1948, by its resolution 47 (1948), the Council decided to enlarge the membership of UNCIP and to recommend various measures including the use of observers to stop the fighting. In July 1949, India and Pakistan signed the Karachi Agreement establishing a ceasefire line to be supervised by the military observers. These observers, under the command of the Military Adviser, formed the nucleus of the United Nations Military Observer Group in India and Pakistan (UNMOGIP). On 30 March 1951, following the termination of UNCIP, the Security Council, by its resolution 91 (1951) decided that UNMOGIP should continue to supervise the ceasefire in Kashmir. UNMOGIP’s functions were to observe and report, investigate complaints of ceasefire violations and submit its finding to each party and to the Secretary-General.

Then dispute started in Rann of Kach & the border in Poonch lead to 1965 war.
On 4 September 1965, the Security Council, by resolution 209 (1965), called for a ceasefire and asked the two Governments to cooperate fully with UNMOGIP in its task of supervising the observance of the ceasefire. Two days later, the Council adopted resolution 210 (1965), by which it requested the Secretary-General “to exert every possible effort to give effect to the present resolution and to resolution 209 (1965), to take all measures possible to strengthen the United Nations Military Observer Group in India and Pakistan, and to keep the Council promptly and currently informed on the implementation of the resolutions and on the situation in the area”.
On 20 September, after the hostilities had spread to the international border between India and West Pakistan, the Council adopted resolution 211 (1965), by which it demanded that a ceasefire take effect at 0700 hours GMT on 22 September 1965 and called for a subsequent withdrawal of all armed personnel to the positions held before 5 August. The Council also requested the Secretary-General to provide the necessary assistance to ensure supervision of the ceasefire and the withdrawal of all armed personnel.
Since the hostilities started beyond J&K LOC, UNO APPOINTED Pakistan Observation Mission (UNIPOM), as a temporary measure for the sole purpose of supervising the ceasefire along the India-Pakistan border outside the State of Jammu and Kashmir.

Kashmir consists of Jammu, Kashmir valley & Ladak.

Jammu and Kashmir is the only state in India which enjoys special autonomy under Article 370 of the Constitution of India.
J&K was the only state to have PM & its own flag, no immigration to this state and finally PLEBISCITE was the only solution.

Why all this privilege was withdrawn?
In 1990 special powers were given to Indian Army which has been rediculed by the World

countries & Human Right Commission.
How the human rights are given back to Kashmiris nationals?
Forget about the Security Council Resolution 39 adapted after 1 April 1948 & Subsequent 5 Countries Commission think of on what basis Indian Continent was divided?
It was based on religion, no one objected to emulation of 565 kingdoms to Indian Union. We suggest that:-

  1. PAKISTAN East & West was formed based on Muslim population. J & K has more than 90% Muslims why not give PAKISTAN OR
  2. Let them form their independent buffer state and act as Switzerland of India/Pakistan which will have no Defence but Para-Military forces.
  3. This way both Countries will be economically benefitted & can create a happy atmosphere between 2 Countries.

See the Indian Army atrocities via pictures as under, how long civilians can suffer in Kashmir valley?


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