Thursday , 20 June 2019

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Keith Ellison poised to leave Congress after filing to run for Minnesota attorney general

DNC vice-chair enters Minnesota attorney general race, saying he’s inspired by states’ fights against Trump travel ban

The first Muslim elected to Congress is poised to leave it, after filing to run for attorney general in Minnesota.

Keith Ellison is also vice-chairman of the Democratic National Committee, a post he will probably have to leave.

Ellison filed the papers to run in Minnesota on Tuesday, hours ahead of a deadline. He is in his sixth term representing a reliably Democratic Minneapolis-area seat. But he was lured into the attorney general race after the incumbent, Lori Swanson, jumped into the governor’s race on Monday.

Ellison said attorneys general led the fight against Donald Trump’s ban on travelers from mostly Muslim countries. He wanted to be part of that fight, he said.

In a leadership election in February 2017 Ellison, from the progressive wing of the party and a sometime Guardian contributor, lost to Tom Perez, the first Latino to lead the Democrats.

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