Saturday , 15 December 2018

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Muslim woman gave baby daughter up for adoption for fear of suffering ‘honour-based violence’ from family

A Muslim woman gave up a baby daughter for adoption after saying she feared being assaulted as a result of bringing shame on her family, a judge has been told.

The child was fathered by a man with whom the married woman had a relationship while going through a divorce, family court judge Carol Atkinson heard.

Judge Atkinson said the woman was worried about how family members would react and had raised the possibility of “honour-based violence”.

Detail of the case has emerged in a ruling by Judge Atkinson following a family court hearing in London.

The judge said she had approved social workers’ plans for placing the little girl for adoption.

She said the woman had refused to name the father.

The only relative who knew of the child’s existence was the woman’s sister.

Judge Atkinson has not identified the woman in her ruling but indicated that she lived in London.

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