Monday , 21 January 2019

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Muslim woman suing Michigan hospital after man viciously punches her in the head

A 19-year-old Muslim woman is suing a Michigan hospital after she was viciously attacked by a man while checking into the hospital emergency room in February.

Security camera footage of the incident shows the woman, who was wearing a hijab, speaking to a receptionist at the ER desk at Beaumont Hospital in Dearborn, M.I., when a man approaches her from behind and punches her in the head multiple times.

A security guard is then seen rushing to the scene and subduing the assailant, while the victim is led away by the receptionist, clutching her head.

The Detroit News reported that the suspect, 57-year-old John Deliz, had been discharged from the hospital the same day, and was seen lingering in the ER lobby and roaming the hallways. A security officer reportedly told him that he could wait in the area if he sat down and didn’t bother anybody.

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