Monday , 27 May 2019

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Wasim Akhtar of MQM, an nominee for Mayor ship of Karachi, is arrested. He has been charged for various FIRs. He was involved on the affairs of stopping the rally some 9 years back. Why was not arrested when his FIR was launched 9 years back? It is not understood why? It was referred to JIT and finally he was arrested. Police issued statement that Wasim Akhtar has accepted the charges to disturb the rally some 9 years back. Police confirmed that Wasim Akhtar has issue confession statement which Wasim Akhtar refused. Is MQM really involved? It is to be seen if Police got the evidence now & they arrested Wasim Akhtar now?.

Other side Imran Khan of PTI and Shaik Rashid are preparing to come on Road. Shaik Rashid blaming Nawaz Shareef for not accepting opposition TOR for Panama Leaks inquiry. Shaik Rashid also confirmed that all religious parties shall come on Road.

Peoples Party has confirmed to accept the extension of the Rangers extension for further 3 Months. The extension can be given only when the new Chief Minister takes oath on Friday. They are issuing rangers operation search only for Karachi not for Sindh. Why are Peoples Party is afraid for entire Sindh or for entire Pakistan.

It looks Army or Marshall Law is the only answer in the present circumstances as expected by many citizens, Marshal Law must come, remove all corrupt officers and do fair election for Democratic Government, Allah only knows the best what is in future for Pakistan.