Sunday , 16 December 2018

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Premier League: How Muslims are changing English football culture

The growing influx of Muslim players has been fuelled by the internationalisation of football.

Demba Ba praying after scoring for Chelsea at Wembley

The Muslim Premier League
Scouts have spread their nets wider in the search for new talent and the Premier League has become a much more diverse place.
Young men with origins in remote villages of west Africa or tough estates in Paris have become global stars.
They may have found wealth and fame playing for English clubs, but many still hold on to something that is rooted in their cultural identity, something that guides them and comforts them when the going gets tough – their Islamic faith.
When a player of the calibre of Ba, who left Newcastle last year to join Chelsea, says he is serious about his religion, some might argue clubs cannot afford not to listen.
And there is a genuine willingness, on the part of managers and clubs, to understand and accommodate the religious needs of their players.
Muslim footballers are provided with halal food, have the option to shower separately from the rest of the team and are given time and space for prayer.