Monday , 21 January 2019

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Qatar Airways offers nutritious Iftar boxes on selected routes during Ramadan

Passengers flying on board Qatar Airways who are fasting during the Holy Month of Ramadan will be offered a nutritious Iftar meal box filled with healthy options to break their fast.

Specially designed “Ramadan Kareem” Iftar boxes will be offered in-flight on selected routes across the Middle East, Pakistan, Bangladesh, as well as selected stations in India and Africa.

Customers in all travel classes can enjoy a selection consisting of dates, laban, sandwich wraps, Arabic sweets, mixed nuts and bottled mineral water, amongst others. The food offering is well-balanced and has been carefully selected by the airline’s menu development team to ensure that both traditional and nutritious items are included.

Qatar Airways Senior Vice President Marketing and Corporate Communications, Ms. Salam Al Shawa, said: “The Muslim holy month of Ramadan is an important time for a vast number of our passengers, and we are pleased to offer a customised meal box to better meet the needs of our fasting passengers during this significant month. This special service will enable our fasting passengers to break their fast by enjoying a box filled with traditional and nutritious items. We invite our passengers to embrace this significant time of year by enjoying our special Iftar boxes, designed especially with the fasting passenger in mind. On behalf of Qatar Airways, we extend to all warmest wishes for a Ramadan Kareem.”

Iftar boxes are offered on selected flights to or from Basra, Kuwait, Muscat, Shiraz, Sohar, Amman, Khartoum, Mashad, Najaf, Sulaimaniyah, Baghdad, Salalah, Erbil, Dhaka, and Hyderabad, Algiers, and Tunis (outbound only). Additional destinations may apply depending on schedule changes.

Travelling between time zones can be challenging for the fasting traveller, thus Qatar Airways cabin crew will make an announcement and serve Iftar boxes at the appropriate time during the flight, alleviating passengers from having to calculate the time.

In order to ensure a seamless journey for Qatar Airways passengers, Iftar boxes will also be available at hub lounges for the airline’s customers in transit.

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