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Religion and Politics in South Asia

Religion and Politics in South Asia

This collection explores the complex relationship between religion and politics in South Asia. 2017 marks 70 years since the Partition of India, which led to the division between the newly created, and predominantly Muslim state of Pakistan, and modern India with its large Hindu majority. The partition resulted in the largest forced migrations of the 20th century, and significant interfaith violence. To commemorate and reflect on this anniversary, articles from Journal of Islamic Studies and Journal of Hindu Studies offer academic perspectives on the last 70 years, as well as religion and politics in the region today.

Articles are free to read online for a limited time.
Journal of Islamic Studies
Islamic Resurgence In Bangladesh’s Culture And Politics: Origins, Dynamics And Implications
Akhand Akhtar Hossain

Temple Desecration And Indo-Muslim States
Richard M. Eaton

Contextualizing Sectarian Militancy in Pakistan: A Case Study of Jhang
Tahir Kamran

Islamization Of Real Estate: Preemption And Land Reforms In Pakistan, 1978–1992
Charles H. Kennedy

Journal of Hindu Studies
A Secular Tamil Saint? Karunanidhi’s Use of Divine Imagery in Dravidian Politics
Amy-Ruth Holt

In the Seat of Authority: Debating Temple Spaces and Community Identity in a Vaiṣṇava Sampradāy of Contemporary Gujarat
Emilia Bachrach

Beyond the Lens of Reform: Religious Culture in Modern Gujarat
Shruti Patel

The Solidarities of Caste: The Metaphysical Basis of the ‘Organic’ Community
Ankur Barua