Monday , 21 January 2019

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Saskatoon’s Muslim community holding awareness day on Wednesday

Wednesday is Islam awareness day, and Saskatoon’s Muslim community is looking to quell misconceptions about their culture.

The Islamic Association of Saskatchewan (IAS) said Saskatoon is generally a tolerant and understanding community, but it’s important to continue offering opportunities to learn more.

“People do have a great understanding, and they’re very friendly,” Ilyas Sidyot, an imam with IAS, said.

“If we create more understanding, then lots of confusion and misinformation will be dispelled automatically.”

While the Islamic Association of Saskatchewan usually hosts such events at their mosque, this year it will be hosted at Saskatoon police headquarters.

“We do communicate with police regularly and they’ve offered us a gymnasium, which is a larger space,” Sidyot said.

“It will have easier access for people who work in the area, because it is a working day.”

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