Tuesday , 16 July 2019

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Muslim Spelling Bee set to make debut in India


Muslim Spelling Bee, a word based competition which began in the United States to cater to Muslim students, is set to make an entry in India. The competition, started to provide a platform for Muslim students, will be open to all communities when it begins in June this year.

The initiative was started in 2011 by 40-year-old Tausif Malik, an Indian American who decided to start a community based competition after noticing the low level of Muslim participation in the well known National Spelling Bee competition in the US.

“The participation of Muslim students in the National Spelling Bee was abysmal. Lots of Indians were participating successfully in the competition but Muslim kids were rare to find. I thought it could be because students were not sure about their abilities or had stage fright. Various communities in the US have started their own spell bees. I thought it was time Muslims had one as well,” Malik said.

Indian origin students have had a phenomenal run at the National Spelling Bee contest winning 13 of the last 17 competitions. None of the Indian winners were Muslim.

The Indian round will be started in June and held in close to a dozen cities including Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Bengaluru and Mysore. The entry fee will be Rs 200.


Name: Brother Tausif Malik, Phone: 1 773 709 9154, Website: www.spellingbee.com