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France, Islam, terrorism and the challenges of integration: Research roundup

France, Islam, terrorism and the challenges of integration: Research roundup A Nov. 13, 2015 string of terrorist attacks across Paris that killed 129 people has again raised concerns across French society about jihadist violence and ISIS-inspired domestic terrorism. The tragedy comes in the wake of several other attacks in France in 2015, including an attack on an American-owned chemical factory ... Read More »

France, Islam and the ‘Spreading Hatred’

France, Islam and the ‘Spreading Hatred’ The EU has no extensions for the clash of civilizations that threatens European society. There’s an area of French society bleak beyond any let’s-pretend action-plan or incantatory chorus about brotherhood. The country’s existential problem of coming to terms with more than five million Muslims in its midst—and how these immigrants and citizens accommodate (or ... Read More »

EU migrant crisis: France starts clearing Calais ‘Jungle’

French demolition teams acting on an eviction order have begun dismantling huts with hammers in part of the Calais migrant camp known as the Jungle.They seem to be leaving inhabited huts intact as they move through the camp’s southern sector, with riot police standing by in support.Two bulldozers have appeared on the periphery and a water cannon has been deployed ... Read More »

Is the US undermining India’s solar power programme?

Whatever happened to all the talk of international co-operation to tackle climate change that we heard during the climate conference in Paris just a few months ago? That is what many environmentalists are asking after the United States delivered a damaging blow to India’s ambitious solar power programme this week.In response to a US complaint, a World Trade Organization (WTO) ... Read More »

Closing of Mosques in France

Closing of Mosques is not the Answer to Stop Terrorism France has taken a decision to close 160 Mosques & they have already closed 3 Mosques. Is this an answer to close religious institution? I am surprised with France Governmnt action. We all agree that what ISIS has done the rampage in France is wrong & against Islam. But France ... Read More »

It Saddens us! The barbaric killing in France

The Islamic Community Network of America Inc (ICONA INC.), USA and all organizations like Muslim World Network & Ummah Link & our thousands of members are deeply saddened by Barbaric attack at France & condemn the savage attacks carried out by the terrorist group ISIS as reported by Media, against innocent civilians in Paris. Earlier this week, this same group killed scores of innocent people in ... Read More »