Thursday , 22 August 2019

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QATAR I HAVE RECEIVED VIA WHATSUP WHICH I QUOTE HERE:- You know the recent conflict with Saudi on Qatar. It is better to know the few facts on Qatar. Why is Qatar next Target? ✅ – The highest per capita income in the world at the rate of 146 thousand dollars annually ✅ – The second country in the ... Read More »

Stupid War

A Stupid War It is proved that USA launched Iraq war & helped Libya revolution by creating a political vacuums in those countries. We cannot blame Obama as it happened during Bush period which includes twin tower attack. USA knows very well that Israel made expansion policy in early fifties,  the Map is known to USA, still we support Israel ... Read More »

Saudi tense with Iran

Saudi Arabia has severed his relations with the Execution of Shiite Imam- How Saudi Will Manage His Budget Deficient Over 100 Billion USD? Saudi brought the price of Oil down so that USA cannot produce oil which proved incompatible in view of the present prices which resulted in over 100 Billion deficient in ther budget. Is he going to cut ... Read More »