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GAO Raksha & Deaths in India during Modi period

  GAO Raksha & Deaths in India during Modi period What is happening in India? Is PM Modi is going to take action against Bajrangdal or RSS? see the video here:- Read More »

In Chhattisgarh, PM Modi touches the feet of 104-yr-old woman

In Chhattisgarh, PM Modi touches the feet of 104-yr-old woman who sold her goats to build toilets KURRUBHAT(C’garh): A 104-year-old woman from a village in Chhattisgarh’s Dhamtari district who sold her goats for constructing toilets at her home, came in for special praise on Sunday by Prime Minister Narendra Modi who said it is a big sign of changing India. ... Read More »

Modi is losing his ground

Modi the PM of India Losing His Ground in India Subscribed By Sajid Ali Riyadh, SA Modi’s communal policy letting him down every where in India. He has issued various orders to curtail the expression of his RSS friend. Recently BJP & RSS disowned the appreciation of Godsey, the killer of Late Mahatma Gandhi on the anniversary of Godsey by ... Read More »

Aftermath of Bihar Election

Aftermath of Bihar Election  By Sajid Ali Riyad SA Bihar India election brought Nitish & Lallu Prasad party in thumping majority supported by Congress Party. It faded the dreams of BJP which may create repercussion in future election throughout India. The statement of Supreme Court Lawyer Jethmalani,  calling Modi as liar may further spoil the issue. Minorities already fed up ... Read More »

Bihar Assembly Election 2015

BJP was Badly trounced in Bihar, India 2015 Ellection AIMIM the Owaisi Party could not get a single seat out of 6 they competed It was a tragic day for BJP to be defeated giving 2/3 majority to alliance in Bihar election 2015. It happened due to communal behavior of Modi the PM of India. Voters acted very wise as ... Read More »

Modi’s behavior damaging to India

Modi the PM of India is Mentaly Upset Mir Hamid Ali Shah Jeddah SA It is surprising that Modi was set free from the  mass massacre of Muslims Minorities of Gujrat & was allowed to be elected as the PM. Now his RSS gang is getting courage to give bold statement of Modi’s involvement in Gujrat massacre which was a ... Read More »

Modi the PM of India a Terrorist

Modi the PM of India Exposed for Terrorism in Gujrat 2002 Subscribed by Sajid Ali Jeddah SA  Educated, honest & sober people are scared of entering into politics. Many politicians don’t have value of life which has been proved here. Listen to RSS worker who accepted killing many Muslim with Wonen & Children and got free  from police by the ... Read More »

Love Jihad a New Project

Love Jihad A New Project Undertaken by VHP & RSS Love Jihad Operation Juliet Subscribed by Sajid Ali Jeddah SA It is surprising to note INDIAN politics under the PM Modi bringing down the secular image for which many Muslims & Non/Muslims gave up their lives for getting freedom from UK. Modi is supporting the criminals who have guts to ... Read More »

India Lost Image in the World

Modi Looks to be  Prefering Man Slaughter than Cow Slaughter BAN AL-KABEER BEEF If you see I published the factory work & the management of Al Kabeer is owned by Hindu Managementvwho achieved number one in the world for Beef exoort. When Modi is not permitting slaughtering of cow due to religious reasons, why is he keeping quiet when he ... Read More »

Al-Kabeer the Beef exporter is from India

Al-Kabeer Beef Exporter The Owner is RSS Leader By Dr. Asra Iqbal  get a surprise when we think of the policies of RSS king “Modi”. He bans eating of Beef by poor Indians as the Mther Cow is killed whereas he is killing mother cow & exporting. This policy of hipocracy is not understood by anyone in India as well ... Read More »