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BAN ON SALE AND SLAUGHHTER OF CATTLE TRIGGERS MOBOCRACY By Dr Mazoor Alam Former Vice Chancellor, University of Kashmir At this critical juncture in the history of India when the liberal  and secular values  of Indian civilization are under siege and Indian Muslims and Dalits are being mercilessly lynched and killed by the  “Gao Raksha” or Vigilantes  Indian Muslims  cannot ... Read More »

Muslim, health leaders team up to curb measles outbreak

Health care and religious leaders are working in tandem to control Minnesota’s measles outbreak, which has stricken the state’s majority-Muslim Somali community. With another three weeks of Ramadan and its numerous gatherings and prayers yet to come, officials face the challenge of getting through the holy month without the highly contagious disease spreading further. Some religious leaders have put a ... Read More »

Muslim World Network Under Islamic Environment

I have received the following letter from the Admin, Muslim World Network for publication. It produced here as under, we request all to read in detail & take action. It is very useful for Masajid & Islamic Organizations:-   A HUMBLE START TOWARDS ISLAMIC NETWORK WITH FREE NETWORKING TOOLS   اسلام و عليكم   DON’T YOU DREAM TO HAVE ISLAMIC ... Read More »

Terrorism By Israel At Masjid-Aqsa

Is UNO Sleeping When Israel Beat People in Itikaf? Israeli created Terrorism at Masjid Aqsa when Palestinian were doing Itikaf. Is Israel not be called a Terrorist? See the Video here:-   We ask USA, UK, Russia and China to take action on atrocities on religion.   Read More »

Stop Vilification Campaign Against Dr Zakir Naik

STOP VILIFICATION ISIS GROUP NOTHING TO DO WITH DR. ZAKIR NAIK WE ALL STAND WTH DR ZAKIR NAIK Following the tragic and inhuman attack in Dhaka, Bangladesh on 1st July 2016, against innocent civilians by a group of young men, allegedly affiliated to the terror group ISIS, reports have started to appear in Indian newspapers, which deliberately attempt to link ... Read More »

Israel is working on expansion scheme

  WHY ISRAEL IS DOMINATING IN ECONOMY, MEDIA, EDUCATION, TRADE & INDUSTRIES? If you see Israel in the world map, look like a small dot and its population in less than 1.5% of the world. Why then it has got control over all the faculties in the world? We must study & collect lessons from our study and correct ourselves. ... Read More »

CA Killing at San Bernardino

Farooq is the name of the killer Can a Muslim be a Terrorist? It is to be seen and family study has to be done. There are several persons all over the world, particularly in Pakistan where you see the target killers, all are Muslims. Hence we have  a submission to the community to get closed to Quran & Sunnah. ... Read More »

Carlson Remarks Reply against Islam

  You Must know Carlson Waht is Islam By Sajid Ali, Riyadh SA I don’t know what happened to Mr Carlson who passes remarks against Muslims. He passed various remarks which has been replied here. Watch this video:-     Read More »

Remember How to be a Good Muslim

Remember.. By Arshia Iqbal Assalamualaikum, Did you ever imagine how the sun is going to rise from the west as said by our prophet muhammed (peace be upon him) 1400 yrs ago.. Scientists have now found how it happens..scientists have been carrying out research on MARS for long time….MARS which rotates in the same direction of the EARTH has now ... Read More »