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Muslim Countries Need To Wake-up

MUSLIM COUNTRIES TO PROTECT BY COMING CLOSE TO QURAN We have seen in the past few years how Muslim countries are facing destruction. In Bush regime he attacked Iraq & Libya then it was turn of Syria where ISI started raising & killed human being bucherously. There is a rumour that Non-Muslims are behind ISI where Muslim youngsters are being ... Read More »

Bashar al Assad and his Russian allies are gearing up for a new ferocious assault on East Aleppo.

The clock is ticking for the 275,000 besieged men, women and children of East Aleppo as Russia and Syria have given civilians until the 7pm on the evening of Friday 4th November to get out, before launching a ferocious assault intended to destroy Aleppo. Last week regime warplanes dropped pamphlets in the area with the haunting words; “If you do ... Read More »

EU migrant crisis: France starts clearing Calais ‘Jungle’

French demolition teams acting on an eviction order have begun dismantling huts with hammers in part of the Calais migrant camp known as the Jungle.They seem to be leaving inhabited huts intact as they move through the camp’s southern sector, with riot police standing by in support.Two bulldozers have appeared on the periphery and a water cannon has been deployed ... Read More »

Russia Enters War in Syria

Russia enters the war in Syria Russia shocked the West by having its aircraft attack rebel sites in Syria — not just so-called Islamic State, but also groups backed by Western powers. It’s a big boost for President Assad and a big slap in the face for President Obama. But how far is it an attempt to make the world ... Read More »