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Collapsing of Word Economy

Collapsing of Word Economy Connected with USA Economy I was amazed to received Hyderabadi Urdu Video which says about USA economy which is connected with world economy. Amercan president cannot control the Central bank as it is in the hands of Zionist. Please  watch this video and assess yourself at Read More »

Brown students tore up, threw out American flags at Veterans Day ceremony

American flags flying for a Veterans Day ceremony at Brown University were snapped in half, torn up and thrown away, according to a veteran who watched it happen and another student who videotaped what he saw happening and posted it online. That prompted other students to counterprotest, according to the campus newspaper, the Brown Daily Herald, with a senior upset by ... Read More »

US denim industry still haunted by trade deals

Monte Galbraith has worked in the denim industry since he was a teenager. The 40-year veteran of the trade claims to have the indigo dye of blue jeans running through his veins. Like many in Columbus, Georgia – a city on the banks of Chattahoochee River along the state’s western border – Mr Galbraith followed his father into the textile ... Read More »

7 Indians admit sham marriages, crime reports in immigration scam

7 Indians admit sham marriages, crime reports in immigration scam The men arranged sham marriages American women and friends from India so that they could get permanent legal status to remain in the US. Jackson: Tarunkumar and Sachin Patel wanted to find a way so that more of their friends and business associates from India could get permanent legal status ... Read More »


Muslim Spelling Bee set to make debut in India Muslim Spelling Bee, a word based competition which began in the United States to cater to Muslim students, is set to make an entry in India. The competition, started to provide a platform for Muslim students, will be open to all communities when it begins in June this year. The initiative was ... Read More »

Help to a Mosque in Detroit, Michigan, US

Help for Mosque to Revive I am forwarding this appeal to you all so we can all help in whatever capacity to help this masjid raise the funds needed to reopen after it was shut down for some violations of city code. This is the masjid in my son’s neighborhood in Detroit run by nice people Alhamdulillah. The community there ... Read More »

Israel Lobby by Gideon Levy Columnist

Views by Gideon Levy Israeli Newspaper Haaretz Columnist Subscribed by Ateequr Rahman, Jeddah SA Will Israel want to leave in peace? will Israel allow Palestias to leave in peace? if American President would have been the Palestinian, would he join the Terrorist organization? Is USA doing good to support Israel? Israel PM invited Israelis from all over the world to ... Read More »

Dr. Shah Manzoor Alam New Book Published

AVAILABLE AT.   COST U.S. $.10., SHIPPING COST EXTRA In his thought-provoking new book, War on Terrorism or American Strategy for Global Dominance, Shah Manzoor Alam, Ph.D. notes that although distinguished scholars have produced works on the Afghanistan-Iraq wars, none to his knowledge have analyzed the impact of this catastrophic war on Islam and on the Muslim world. Dr. Alam ... Read More »

Fatwa on Juma Prayer

Juma Prayer We do have doubt if the Juma prayer can be read at a place if 5 times prayer is not done. We got the FATWA from which is managed by Qatar Government. Their Scholars issue Fatwa which is accepted by all. Read at    Fatwa No : 82412 Jumah prayer at US colleges & universities   Fatwa ... Read More »

Hate Group in USA to create Armed Protest

Why This Hate Group? What US Government is doing? FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Armed Anti-Muslim Protest Response: Coalition Building and Civic Engagement On October 9th and 10th, 2015, some US based hate groups are planning to hold anti-Muslim protests and rallies in 20+ cities around the nation, targeting Mosques, high-traffic Muslim communities and government buildings.  The targeted cities are listed below. Some ... Read More »