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The International Forum for Education 2017

The International Forum for Education 2017

The International Forum for Education 2017 was held on 28th – 29th of July 2017 at the Marriott Garden Inn Hotel in Istanbul. The event was organized to bring together experts and distinguished leaders in education from across the globe to discuss developments in the field of education, especially when it comes to methods of teaching, creative tools and curricula. Educators from around the globe converged to Istanbul on the invitation of the endowment, Insan ve Irade Vakfi.

The forum’s purpose was to bring experts, intellectuals, and leading educational bodies into the same room in a roundtable manner to brainstorm and come up with the ultimate vehicle and methods of education for future generations. After two days of intensive presentations and discussions, ARIS was nominated as the model international school notwithstanding being a local Ghanaian school with all the challenges present in Africa. Alhaji Safwan Wolley (ARIS Chairman of the Board), Dr. Fatma Odaymat (ARIS Director), and Hanna Saleh Moussa (new ARIS graduate), were all present at the event to share their experiences and answer a lengthy Q&A about the success of ARIS.

The event concluded aboard a Bosphorus cruise boat with traditional Turkish dinner where the endowment Insan ve Irade Vakfi presented ARIS Chairman of the Board Alhaji Safwan Wolley, the Director of the School Dr. Fatma Odaymat, and the new graduate Hanna Saleh Moussa Crystal Awards for their contribution to the Forum and to education.

We want to congratulate the ARIS team – Board, Management, Staff and Parents & Students – for their wonderful contribution to education and wish them much success in the future!

Going forward, the endowment Insan ve Irade Vakfi looks forward to strengthen its relationship by working closer with ARIS and GSIER in the field of education in Ghana.