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The Truth About Islam

The Truth About Islam

Popular controversial topics about women in Islam:
– Men and women are treated unequally
– Women are required to wear the hijab or veil
– Women are allowed to be beat by a man
– Women cannot work outside their homes
– Women are not Allowed to drive

Treatment of women in Islam

Islamic country VS Islamic laws & the Hijab:
Many of you guys believe that men and women are not treated as equals. Sadly, that is true but you guys have to realize that this book was written ages ago. Everyone, including Islamic countries, should know by now that morals and humanity always comes before religion. Many of you guys mention that Saudi Arabia has strict laws on women like not letting them drive and not letting them dress freely. Both of these things are derived from the countries leaders and not from the holy book itself, the Quran. In Islam, women are only required to wear the hijab when praying or inside a mosque. If they do wear a hijab outside of these things, that is only because they are showing a sign of their own faith and identity through tradition. They are also free to do whatever job they please, including driving, as many Muslim women do that today. These middle eastern countries are mostly run by men and that has yet to change. So please guys, give Muslims a chance. Women are already rising to the top in Islam. America has yet to get a female president while Pakistan had already gotten a female prime minister, named Benazir Bhutto, years ago. Overall, women are just as great in Islam as they are in any of you all’s religions.

Man vs Women:
But overall, men and women are supportive equals in Islam. This means that men have some rights over women while women have some rights over man. For an example, when divorce occurs, the women is obligated to keep the kids while the man cannot. At the same time, men are most likely obligated to more of the money as they are required to work as a Muslim. Women are allowed to work if they please to-do so as anything morally good but they are not required to as men are. There are also fully equal rights. Let’s say a Muslim husband and wife are getting a divorce. In Islamic law, women are obligated to all of their property while men are also obligated to all of their property. You all also properly do not know that a woman does not change their last name once married. This Is because they are free to do as they please as if they were single and they will never be a man’s property. No one else does that, now, do they?

Wife beating is definitely not a thing in Islam. This was adapted by cultures and not religion. The Quran never suggests that a man is allowed to harm his wife in any physical way. The Quran show’s only good treatment of women as we all must strive to keep our wife happy and live with them honorably.

Violence in Islam

Misguidance of false followers:
Islam, itself, does not really promote violence but the Quran does say that anyone who does not follow Islam will burn in the fires of hell. As I said before, you non-Muslims have to realize that this book was written centuries ago just like any other holy book. Many groups like ISIS fail to realize what reality we all live in and how we should be embracing our humanity in today’s society. Groups like this attempt to falsely spread Islam and put Quran’s phrases into their own and literal ways. You guys cannot blame all 1.2 billion Muslim’s for the acts of terrorism that are going on. The group or person is to blame as Muslims today are striving for peace and are even fighting peacefully against people who falsely spread Islam or go against Islam.

Muslims advocating of peace:
Today, many Muslim’s are being attacked for what other groups have done, but instead of using violence to fight back, they are using peaceful methods. The news, most of the time, does not post stories about Muslim’s doing any good in our world to where most of you guys may not even know the amount of good that has been done by Muslims. When a person came over to a mosque one day and threw a pig head even though the specific Muslims that go to this mosque have done nothing to harm this man. The Muslim’s did not attack him back. Instead, they attempted to establish peace through efforts in which many other non-Muslims sided with. They even created a peace mural to dictate peace building even though they feared having bricks thrown at it. Another incident you guys might be unaware of is when a shooting happened by a couple, who claimed to be Muslims, and killed 14 people. The community and Muslims around there helped by donating to the families in need and also hosting a multi-religion prayer.

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