Saturday , 25 May 2019

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With a packed lecture hall, including Prime Minister Samuel Hinds, Leader of the Opposition David Granger and numerous other dignitaries as well as members of the various masjids, and with the picturesque Anna Catherina Islamic Complex looking its best, Toronto based, international Recording Female Qaseeda Singers, Guyanese born, Nazima Hossain and her mother, Sakina Hossain, last Sunday wowed the capacity crowd as the Anna Catherina Islamic Complex (ACIC) held a Special “Shukrana (Thanksgiving) Program” marking the completion of Phases 1 & 2 of a four-phased multi-million dollar upgrading / expansion of its facilities to better serve the needs of its membership and the hundreds of persons who use these facilities each year.

Nazeema & her mom, Sakina, along with another sibling—Shameeza, forms a group that originated from the island of Leguan, Guyana. They started singing at the very early stages through the Amsterdam Masjid, Leguan under the theme programs— “Glimpses of Islam through the Ages” a musical play depicting the Prophets of Allah, from Prophet Adam (AS) to Prophet Muhammad (SAS). This play was performed throughout Guyana at many masjids and also at the National Cultural Center in Georgetown. It grew in popularity over the years and with the migration of Nazima and family in 1993, to Toronto, Canada, it folded. However, they continued to sing their beautiful qaseedas in mostly English. They caught the eyes and ears of Pakistani born music producer, Nadeem Ali and through the Avenger Productions of Toronto, produced their first album in 1995/96, fittingly named- “Glimpses of Islam”. The catchy tunes on this album soon became very popular in the Caribbean and North America, and in Guyana, the song “Whether you go to Churches, whether you go to mandirs” soon became a household song for Guyanese. All the lyrics for these songs, and for the other albums are produced by Zaman Mirza and Rafeek Mirza (formerly of Endeavour, Leguan), now residing in Canada and USA respectively.

The singers credit their father/husband Sheikh Nazir Hossain, the Razack family, the Mirza Family, Late Imam Fazal (Amsterdam Masjid, Leguan) and family, Buddy Boy (Shafdar), Late Ramatally, Farouk Amin & family, Alim Shaw, Hajji Rahaman (K. Rahaman & Sons), Khaleel rahaman & family (Ruby, east bank Essequibo), present Imam of Amsterdam Masjid Shaikh Shahiroon Mohammed, Teacher “Zed” and John Khan and family, as well as their producer Nadeem Ali and Avengers Productions of Canada, for their tremendous success as singers.

The duo appearance at the famed ACIC, Guyana’s leading Islamic center and hub for the international cooperation between the Muslims of Guyana and the rest of the world, was a first for them in Guyana, since their migration.

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