Monday , 21 January 2019

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Video: The women teaching moderate Islam to Italy’s inmates

Each week, two women versed in Islamic law and religion visit a prison outside of Milan. These so-called “spiritual guides” have an important mission: to limit the spread of Islamic extremism amongst inmates.

Each week, Yamina Salah, who has a degree in Islamic law, teaches a course open to some of the 173 Muslim inmates housed in a prison outside of Milan.

“Islam is a moderate religion, not anything else, and we try to spread that message,” Salah told FRANCE 24.

During her visits, she also watches sermons given by one prisoner-turned-preacher. After each visit, Salah and her partner send a full report to the Italian Minister of Justice. For prison authorities, this initiative is a success.

“It’s the first time we’ve had the opportunity to have someone come in for Muslim inmates, so they can at last benefit from a spiritual education from the outside,” said Cosima Buccoliero, vice director of Bollate prison.

For the time being, the programme is being trialed in eight different prisons. However, the government is already thinking of extending the programme.

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