Thursday , 20 June 2019

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We as Muslims Must Have Own Server Free From Unwanted Films/Ads

We as Muslims Must Have Own Server Free From Unwanted Films/Ads


How long we will be communicating thru emails, whatsup & skype. When do we have our own tools to bring community on a Platform. We as Muslims are divided into various sects like Hanafi, Shafai, Hanbali, Malaki, Ahle-Hadith, Salafi and more….The only thing we lack in calling ourselves MUSLIMS, the beautiful name which Allah has given to us.

We don’t have a supporting organization to work for the joint uplift. There are various individual efforts promoting education, industry, IT work & Masajid but when do we have a pivotal organization to take such work. We see other communities having such pivotal org to stop our progress & spread hatred. Recently a Group of IT guys launched with all IT facilities to be provided free of cost to the world  with Live Streaming as above where any person can start a small TV network at Islamic Organization/Mosques with Audio/Video/eBook Library with search facilities. We do have another website for Media for Muslim Ummah where Muslims all over the world can report news, a free facility to overcome the present Media reporting against Islam at  ID and Password shall be given by Recently this website has been hacked as reported by pay pal & our volunteers are worked on it and cleared hacking. What these hackers get out of an Islamic site, only knowledge about True Islam?Where do we stand?

Are we saturated or do we have some sense to organize to protect ourselves.  We have our own servers where we provide live streaming, video conferencing, Audio, Video & Book Libraries, online workshops each provided with search engine and all FREE to Muslim Ummah. We need a strong organization consisting of well to do Muslims who can take up such IT activity & provide free online education. Do you thing it is dream never to be fulfilled??

May Allah give us intellectual & sense beyond money & Business which over shadowed Islam & ISLAMIC commitments.